Feeling good foundation

Feeling Good Foundation was formed by licensed therapists living in the United states and in Israel.

The Foundation’s goal is to make effective psychological treatment accessible for populations in need.

Therapists — looking to increase your effectiveness?

Some of our work so far:

Provided free psychological assistance for health care workers and first responders dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in California, New York and Israel

Provided free psychological assistance for lone soldiers, pre-military preparatory or gap year students in Israel, and their families in the abroad

Teaching, training and certification in effective therapy for therapists of the IDF mental health core as well as therapists in underserved populations in Israel

The Feeling Good Foundation formed in 2018. As of the end of 2020, we have helped more than 150 lone soldiers, pre-army preparatory students, therapists and medical staff, by providing more than 500 hours of therapy and teaching

All of the Foundation's volunteers are licensed and certified therapists. The association depends entirely on donations

Who we are


Rhonda Barovsky, LCSW


Ravit Cohen, MA


Maor Katz, MD

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