Feeling Good Foundation

A non profit organization formed by certified therapists living in the United states and in Israel

The Foundation’s mission is to make effective psychological treatment accessible to populations in need

Need the support of a mental health professional? We are here for you!

The Therapeutic Method

⦁ Therapists are carefully selected to work with us after receiving hundreds of post graduate hours of training and certification. All Feeling Good Foundation therapists specialize in TEAM-CBT effective psychological treatment. They all regularly receive guidance and consultation from peers, and are licensed by the official boards both in Israel and in the United States

⦁ TEAM-CBT is an evidence-based therapy approach developed by Dr. David Burns, of Stanford University in California. It emphasizes the development and training of therapists in the skills required to make psychological treatment particularly effective for their patients.

⦁ Dr. Burns is considered one of the founders of modern CBT. He has written many books in the field. His books have been translated to many of the world languages, including Hebrew.

Improving the effectiveness of psychological treatment - TEAM-CBT in a nutshell

T - Testing

 Testing – Regular measurement of the effectiveness of the treatment and the therapeutic relationship. Feedback is used to guide and improve the ongoing therapeutic work.

E - Empathy

 Empathy – focusing on a warm, supportive and accepting relationship with your therapist since it is a necessary condition for helpful treatment. Therapists training in TEAM-CBT undergo hundreds of hours of training in order to improve their empathic abilities. Often, we teach our patients the same communication and empathy skills we learned as therapists, as part of the treatment.

A - Agenda Setting

Creating a Therapeutic Agenda – In order for therapy to be beneficial our therapists will help you better understand the obstacles standing between you and your goals and how to overcome them. Identifying and addressing these challenges leads in most cases to a therapeutic breakthrough.

M - Methods

Once we have established a warm therapeutic connection with you, and have removed the obstacles that stood in your way, our therapists will employ more than 100 different therapeutic methods at their disposal for the relief of anxiety, depression, unwanted habits or interpersonal difficulties.

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